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We are on hand and available to undertake all types of burst and leaking pipe repairs throughout County Berkshire, and are able to provide our pipe repair services in Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, Bracknell, Woking and High Wycombe!
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Leaking Pipes - Our Advice

Kam Heating can help mend leaking pipes and burst pipes as well as detect early signs of piping decay. A leaking pipe can cause widespread structural damage if left undetected, this can cause disruption in your daily life at homeand is the last problem you want to have to deal with.

A leaking pipe could occur at anytime, and there are any number of reasons why, from freezing pipes in winter to loose connections causing a leak. Leaking pipes can cause a variety of problems, one of which you definitely will wish to prevent is any water damage.

a leaking water pipe

You may only need your pipe connections tightened but without a qualified diagnosis from a professional plumber other problems could be overlooked resulting in the leaking pipe work needing to be completely replaced.

It is often difficult to establish the source of a leaking pipe. Ideally you need to call out a plumber as soon as possible upon noticing a water leak. All too often water damage to the home i.e. to flooring and walls, could have been prevented if a plumber had been called sooner to attend to the leaking pipe.

If you have a serious water leak from a leaking pipe it is best to turn off your internal water supply at the stop tap and wait for the plumber to arrive. Any leak can look fairly small and harmless but it’s always surprising how much water can leak through one leaking pipe.

Leaking Pipes Repairs in Slough

Some examples of leaking and burst pipe repairs we cover include:

  • Fixing Dripping Taps
  • Overflow Pipes
  • Replacing Compression Joints
  • Fixing Soldered Joints
  • Pipework Repairs
  • Repairing Radiator valves
  • Leaking push-fit joints
  • Leaking waste pipes and traps
  • Removing dry rot on pipes
  • Replacing Cap Nuts
  • Fixing leaks under solid floors
  • Fixing Cracks in Lead Pipes
  • New Pipe Installations
  • New Pipe replacement and fitting
  • Locating loose Connection points

How does a leaking Pipe occur ?

Old pipes tend to spring leaks due to age but also from years of drain cleaner use. Prolonged use can ultimately corrode the pipes surface, and before you know it you have a leaking pipe.

a dark bronze leaking pipe

Sometimes a leaking pipe can occur due to a blockage within the pipe. Once a pipe becomes clogged the water using the pipe will have nowhere to go and eventually will produce a leaking pipe.

Outside wall pipes are prone to freezing in winter. Once the water has frozen and expand, the pipe can start to crack, thus creating a leaking pipe.

Even new piping can spring a leak, for example due to poor fitting or incorrect connections.

In any case of a leaking pipe, it is always best to call out a qualified plumber to identify the course of the leaking pipe and diagnose the problem fully. You can then be sure the leaking pipe has been fixed properly and will not return in the future.

What about Burst Pipes ?

A burst pipe will normally occur once structural damage has occurred to the pipe itself, normally a stress fracture or crack caused by fatigue and normal wear and tear.

Whether this has occured due to freezing or accidental damage or simply ageing and deterioration through chemical corrosion, it can be a very alarming and overwhelming problem for many.

a set of wrenches and tools to fix leaking pipes

Here at KAM Heating, we have vast Plumbing Knowledge and experience to deal with any type of Burst Pipe. We are able to Identify, Isolate, control, limit further damage to pipe itself and then repair the burst pipe for you.

Sometimes if parts are not readily available, we will do an 'improvised repair' where during an emergency, this is often the best way to 'fix' the problem until we can get the recommended parts. Normally we'll carry with us emergency repair kits such as pipe clamps and flexible connectors to achieve a temporary repair, however if attempting this yourself, we still strongly advise you to seek the aid of a professional emergency plumber.

We are fully trained and highly experienced when dealing with burst pipes, and can remedy any burst pipe situation including central heating pipes, maintaining high standards throughout the process

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